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Food Donation Request Items

We ask for your support in providing healthy, nutritious food options for our neighbors in need. If you are interested in donating food or personal care items, please considering the following items:

Consider CASH drives for local fresh fruits and vegetables purchases for our Farm2Neighbor Program. Needs to be designated Farm2Neighbor when donation made.

For donating food or personal care items, please consider:

Fruits and Vegetables
Low sodium or no salt added canned vegetables
No sugar added canned fruit
Unsweetened applesauce 100% fruit juice
Frozen fruits & Vegetables

Whole grain, low sugar cereal
Brown rice
Whole grain pasta Quinoa
Old fashioned oats
Whole grain crackers
Low fat/low sodium popcorn

Low sodium canned beans
Dried beans, lentils and peas
Low sodium nuts and seeds
Nut and seed butters
Low sodium canned chicken and fish

Shelf-stable milk
Shelf-stable almond or rice milk

Pantry Staples
Whole wheat flour
Olive oil (plastic container)
Low sodium broth
Low sodium canned pasta sauce

Personal Care Items
Toothpaste & toothbrushes
Soap & shampoo
Disposable razors
Toilet Paper

Please LIMIT donations of:
Baked goods (cookies, muffins, cake)
Fruit snacks
Pop-tarts and other high sugar snacks

Download the Northwest Food Coalition Healthy Food Request List to share with those interested in donating.

THANK YOU for helping support health and wellness in our community!

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